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Price List

Flat Hourly Rate: $70.00 (Flat Rate Applies on Cosmetic Touch-Ups)
Minimum Bench Fee: $20.00 – Cracks Repaired – Flat Rates Applies

Guitar Set-Up: Includes cleaning, block dress, clean all electronics, all adjustments & strobe intonation: $45.00

  • Floyd Rose Set-Up: $50.00
  • Block Floyd Rose: $25.00 & up
  • Floyd Rose Installation:  Includes Set-Up, Does Not Include the Price of Tremolo  $250.00 & up

Fret Dress: Grind & Polish Existing Frets, Set-Up Included $100.00

Complete Refret: Replace All Frets, Dress Same, Includes Set-Up

  • Unbound Board: $250.00
  • Bound Board: $290.00
  • Lacquered Maple: $320.00

New Nut: Includes Set-Up

  • Corian – Micarta: $75.00
  • Bone/Graphite:$85.00

New Saddle: All Saddles Compensated, Includes Set-Up

  • Corian – Micarta: $70.00
  • Bone: $75.00

Re-Glue Loose Bridge: $125.00 & Up

Headstock, Neck Repair: Does Not Include Price of Repainting Repair $150.00 & Up

Install New Pickups: If Routing is Necessary Flat Rate Applies $40.00 Per Pickup

Repair Loose Wire/Jack: $20.00

Complete Rewire: $100 – Parts an additional charge.

  • With Shielding: $70.00

Mobile Service / At Home Service – Mobile service is available – call for pricing and availability.

Live Performance Tech Support – We are available for performance tech support, please contact us for pricing.

Band Instrument Rental & Repair – Contact us for pricing

Taylor ES2 – Contact us about up-grading your Taylor to the new ES2 pickup system. Call for pricing.


NEW SERVICE – Restring & Clean (Includes clean & polish board and guitar, restring, and will make minor adjustments to the neck to enhance playability): $25.00 plus Strings

Pricing is subject to change without notice.  |   Rush Service Available for Some Jobs at a 50% Surcharge