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Meet the Staff

Freehold Location

Kyle Roggendorf

Guitar Repair Tech
Road Tech for The Gaslight Anthem Instructor at The Eastern School of Fretted Instrument Repair

Kyle Roggendorf has spent his entire life since the age of 24 in and around music and rock bands. Both as a player and a tech Kyle has made his mark. Apprenticing with Joe Civitano the owner of Raritan Bay Guitar Repair, Kyle learned the craft of guitar repair at the hands of a master tech. Dedicating himself to the perfection of his craft Kyle has worked through the years with many bands and artists. Some of which include: The Gaslight Anthem, The Bouncing Souls, Odor Sister, Hot Water Music, Dave Hause, Armored Saint, Motor Sister, Scott Ian, John Tempsta, Jewel, Seven Witches , The Bronx Casket Company, famed guitarist Jack Frost, A Pale Horse Named Death, Dave Simmons, Overkill, Bayside, Boys Set Fire and Vision. While Kyle hits the road ensuring these and other artists have the best quality work done on their axe’s while on the road, Joe Civitano “CJ” holds down the fort and continues to produce the finest fret work on the east coast. SPECIAL NOTE!!! For the first time Kyle will be holding a 4 day seminar on how to succeed and prosper as a road tech or “roadie” in todays fast paced world of proffesional rock music. Please click on our school website button to see the dates and subjects covered in this in depth seminar.

Sonny Kenn

Sonny Kenn is a member of the Repair Guitar team, here are some of his accomplishments:  was awarded the 2007 LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT Award at The Asbury Music Awards. Sonny has been burning up the Shore Music Scene since opening for Jerry Lee Lewis in 1965. He has performed with and influenced nearly every musician who’s passed through the scene since from Sonny and the Starfires in 1965, through Sonny Kenn and the Wild Ideas to his current band, Sonny Kenn is the Shore’s great unsung blues and rock and roll guitarist.


Dan Koncelik

Dan Koncelik is one of our in house technicians. He is a graduate of the Eastern School of Fretted Instrument Repair and has worked for Raritan Bay Guitar ever since!

Toms River Location

Ben Cotta

Owner – Jersey Shore Guitar

Benjamin Cotta is the owner of Jersey Shore Guitar and Instrument Repair. When Benjamin was in grammar school he was sitting on a friends couch while his friend was playing the bass, after feeling the vibrations of the instrument he knew his life would never be the same. Benjamin learned how to play the bass and has played in bands such as lemon juice, devil’s holiday and many other side projects. He current plays the bass in a band called Changing Lanes which travels through the tri-state area to perform.
Benjamin attended the Eastern School of Fretted Instrument Repair and then worked at Guitar Center as a Guitar Tech for two and a half years. He also worked at his former school for about a year while he saved up for his business.
Benjamin shows great attention to detail and treats every instrument as if it were his own. He doesn’t believe in just throwing instruments away or selling them, he takes them apart piece by piece and then repairs them to make them look, sound and feel better than they ever did before. Benjamin likes the challenge of cracks, neck repairs and electronics because he understands the instrument is a extension of the customer and is not something that is easily replaceable.
Benjamin opened up Jersey Shore Guitar Repair (a franchise of Repair Guitar) in November 2016 in Toms River, NJ.